Monday, June 16, 2008

Mobile Devices and Business Analytics

  1. The next frontier of business analytics is the incorporation of mobile devices into an enterprise decision support system. The key is to have the following functionalities:
    (a) It must give a visual representation of the entire dataset; and (b) the screens in mobile devices are small, hence the visualization of large datasets requires the ability to see the data three dimensionally. There are two potential solutions to approach this problem:

1. Excel type of flat bar charts – Use clustering analysis to separate the clusters with similar characteristics, and include as a variable in the cluster a vector that that will clarify the driving factors. Microsoft, SAS, and Business Objects already have these functionalities (i.e., clustering and create a vector using a predict probability). The issue is whether they can have a universal interface with mobile devices for these charts. See, INSTINCT GAINS INTELLIGENCE; Three-Dimensional Business Analytics: How Deep is the Ocean?; and Explaining the Value of Business Analytics: Clarifying driving factors in a decision support system

2. Three-dimension graphical representation – There are companies and academic institutions that are gravitating toward a 3D representation of all the data. I believe that in the future we will integrate this to the flat charts most currently in used nowadays. See as an example,; and Real Time Scalable Visual Analysis on Mobile Devices

Another essential functionality is the ability to drill-down capability from a graph to a report – Some companies already has this functionality as part of the mobile device. See as an example,

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