Sunday, February 27, 2011

HR Analytics Conference in San Francisco, March 7-8

I will be the feature speaker on HR Predictive Analytics at the HR Planning and Analysis conference in San Francisco in March 7-8. I will cover predictive analytics in HR, a new management asset metric (the Workforce Turnover Efficiency ratio), an Employee Lifetime Cycle Measurement, and an organizational structure model to adapt HR metrics at the enterprise level.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Yahoo Labs Forms Group to Target Advertising

This is great news.  The downsize is that Yahoo Labs should have been using its capabilities to get into the business analytics world at least for the last 3 years, so they are behind the curve.  The good size is that once you know the science, IT, and mathematical techniques it is a matter of adding the business size to come with potential solutions.  Let me quote from an article that I wrote in 2008:

"The next step is akin to a chef putting together a gourmet meal by using the finest ingredients and tools of the trade. A conductor brings out the most expressive details of a classical piece while blending all the sounds of an orchestra as one exquisite experience.

"If anticipation is part of journey, I can hardly wait for the sounds and tastes that will come in the next 12 months when business, technology, and science merge to produce masterpieces to help solve complex business problems."
Unleashing the Power of the MInd!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Predictive Modeling Techniques Positively Impacting P&C Insurers' Bottom Line

Property and Casualty insurance companies have found that implementation of predictive analytics models impact rate accuracy by about 10%.  Other industries are not as advanced as the P&C industry mostly because they are at the "how would predictive modeling impact our ROI stage", or because they are looking at predictive software, but have not moved to implementation. Other companies are facing implementation issues when dealing with big data and multiple predictive models.  At the Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit I will be addressing the issue of optimization.

Managing the data deluge

This is one of the topics that I will be addressing at the Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit in San Diego, Feb 24-25.  My proposed solution for the predictive analytics issue of big data is to use intelligent agents that will decide when some of the thousands of models should be refreshed.

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