Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mobile Business Intelligence - the Next Big Step

Cognos has taken the lead in the area of mobile business intelligence. This is a huge step!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Duke Plots Course Beyond the Smart Grid

This is one of the most foward thinking business intelligence projects in the world. Duke Energy is taking the steps to create a smart power grid. The creation of the intelligence real-time applications behind this concept will revolutionize the world.

Friday, September 14, 2007

VP, Decision Support Systems

I was contacted for a position as a VP, Decision Support Systems, in New York with a prestigious financial institution. Although I am not interested some of you may be interested in this position. If you are contact Heinz Bartesh at

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Market Forecasting and Modeling for the Power System of the Future

This paper addresses the utilization of predictive modeling and forecasting in the power supply industry. The issues herein were identified a couple of years ago, but the implementation is occurring at this time. The challenge of a forecasting system in power supply is the many "what if" scenarios that different models will need to consider. These "what if" scenarios need to take into consideration:
1. physical assets
2. contract prices
3. economic forecasting

A modeling of this size and complexity could require the utilization of a combination of most of the tools and methodologies in the current data mining and predictive modeling market, plus the development of some new tools.

Predictive Planning for Supply Chain Management

This paper shows one methodology of using predictive modeling in planning and scheduling decisions in supply chain management. It is important to remember that the variables will be different depending on the industry and client-specific requirements.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

F.B.I. Data Mining Reached Beyond Initial Targets

It seems that the definition of "community of interest" association will be the cluster results from I2 Notebook. I have used this tool many times and the results are impressive. If you are using this tool you may consider using additional analysis (logistic regression and decision tree) to further refine your results.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Frequent Doesn’t Mean Loyal: Using Segmentation Marketing to Build Shopper Loyalty

This is a classic article regarding the theory of how to translate customer loyalty to develop a "profitable differenciation".

Data Mining Analysis and Modeling for Marketing Based on Attributes of Customer Relationship

This article on data mining in CRM for the retail industry shows the utilization of cluster analysis, association rules, and linear regression in determining Attributes of Customer Relationship ACR


This 2000 paper from the Bank for Internaltional Settlements gives a good overall picture of the statistical modeles used to analyze and determine risk assessment in the banking industry. The mortage industry and associated lenders and market leaders should consider implementing these early warning system models to prevent the current mortage crisis to repeat itself in other areas.

Data Mining Applications in Higher Education

Good article about data mining applications in higher education.

Data Mining Technologies and Decision Support Systems for Business and Scientific Applications

The issue is whether or not you have the information or data anymore since a lot of companies and organizations have large amounts of data. "The challenge is to be able to utilize the available information, to gain a better understanding of the past, and predict or influence the future through better decision-making."

Integrating Customer Value Considerations into Predictive Modeling

This is a good article about how to measure "sucess" in applied predictive modeling. The example is in the telecommunications industry, but the "valuable customer" aproach can be used in any industry.

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