Saturday, June 21, 2008

Business Analytics and Software-as-a-Service: Controlling IT costs

During an economic downturn IT executives are looking for ways to control the cost of hardware and software while simultaneously providing their companies ways to improve its business analytics capabilities. I had a demo of the ADAPA Predictive Analytics Edition on Amazon EC2 and was impressed with its capacity to provide powerful analytics at a fraction of the investment for hardware and software for predictive modeling. This is a product for the current power users of analytics within an enterprise. You can get a subscription for $49 per month plus CPU usage to start with. If you are not satisfied with the product your investment will not have any impact in your budget.

Try this product and let me know your comments.

I think that this predictive analytics product and business model is the future. I recommend that this product add a cluster analytics functionality that will incorporate data mining into the suite of algorithms. Also, I recommend a dynamic 3D visualization to “see” the entire data set. Otherwise, this is a powerful business model to provide cost-efficient analytics to an enterprise.

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