Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Intersection of Business, Science, and Technology: Business Analytics

We are living in the future. Some time ago business, science, and technology were three distinct and separate disciplines. The advancements in these three disciplines during the last five years have created a quantum leap in how each directly affects the others. Businesses, large and small, make global transactions on a daily basis. Technology allows people from around the world to communicate internationally and storage large volumes of digital data. Science allows accurate predictions using large databases around the world.

What is business analytics? Business analytics is the intersection of business, science, and technology that allow us to unleash the power of the brain. Historically, mankind has attempted to replicate the decision-making prowess of the brain in order to progress. The financial services industry has transformed from local lenders and borrowers, to complex international financial transactions involving international and local banks, investment bankers and insurance companies. The healthcare industry has worldwide specialty surgeries, and the pharmaceutical industry cooperative bio-molecular research and genome research, facilities. The chemical and energy industries have found new ways to find and convert raw materials. The media industry has gone from the books to the internet.

The common characteristics of these advances are the way that business, technology, and science have cooperatively intersected to promote common objectives. The next frontier of business analytics is to tap into the collective power of the individual and unleash the power of the human brain. Companies like GE, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, SAS Institute, Exxon, and Google are among the thousand of companies around the world that are working to unleash the power of the mind by intersecting business, technology, and science. Business analytics is the future, and the future is now.

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Business Analytics

Business Analytics

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