Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Internet, Business Models and Analytics

The Internet is ready for another dramatic change within the next twelve months. Technology, science and business are converging on the Internet. See Intersection of Business, Science, and Technology: Business Analytics. The speed and capacity of computers has brought us to a place “where no one has gone before”. See High Performance Computing (HPC) is Changing the World; HP Delivers Real-Time Business Information with Enhanced Neoview Capabilities; and Math Grid Toolkit brings grid computing to business. Science has provided us with powerful data mining and predictive algorithms that are used in healthcare, financial services, energy, and government industries. See Business Objects Aims to Predict the Future; The New ADAPA iGoogle Predictive Analytics; and BI Conceptual Architecture using Microsoft Products.

Companies like IBM, SAS, Google, and Microsoft are investing not only in the latest science and technology, but on different business models that will make the most of the capabilities of the Internet. The next elements to this exciting pursuit of the next Internet generation are visualization, mobile devices, and Software-as-a-Service. See On the Visualization of Mathematics (Analytics); Mobile Devices and Business Analytics; and Delivering Software as a Service.

Companies that are successful in harnessing the reach of the Internet will need a powerful infrastructure that would support virtual machines using grid computing. Companies like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and SAS would need to add a different Internet business model to their current business model in order to overcome the advantage that Google has in providing Software-as-a-Service and analytics through the Internet. Google’s partnership with Zementis has all fundamentals to reach individuals, as well as small, medium, and large businesses. See Business Analytics and Software-as-a-Service: Controlling IT costs. Companies like Microsoft have the potential to challenge Google if they implement an Internet business model that incorporates business analytics and Software-as-a-Service elements.

The human brain has been waiting thousand of years for business, science and technology to come up to par to its capabilities. See The Attention System of the Human Brain. We can harness this power by using the reach of the Internet to bring together the minds of millions of people. See Kaizen and Analytics.

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