Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Analytic Culture – Does It Matter?

This is a good article that explains a difficult issue in change management in the area of business intelligence and change management: the importance of understanding the culture within a company if you want to achieve change. Dave Wells has done an excellent job at explaining how to identify different cultures. The key for change is to adapt our product and services to the existing culture. This is one reason that Microsoft BI stack, or the iGoogle predictive analytics tool could become the products of the future. See, The New ADAPA iGoogle gadget: Google Predictive Analytics; Microsoft SQL 2005 Analysis Services: Ten Best Practices© at These products appeal to the broader cultures: people who already use Excel, or people who want to limit their cost by using Software-as-a-Service. See, Software as a Service overview . It is important to remember that it is not just the algorithm but the amount of data that makes business analytics a reality today. See, More data usually beats better algorithms . SAS and KXEN have powerful algorithms and business models, but I think that those products do not take into account the culture within a company as well Google and Microsoft.

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