Thursday, May 29, 2008

iGoogle Predictive Analytics Gadget: Feedback

This is the feedback that I have gotten so far on this new predictive analytics tool

E. Harris - “I think the gadget is a boost to marketing campaign managers, small business website owners and SEO professionals. It gives an immediate ability to test and analyze content and campaigns real-time. I think there is a high degree of value here as the wait time for results will be Google dependent. There is also independence to the subscriber, if you will, to become less reliant on the high costs associated with statistic and ranking providers. We may also see an increase in the length of time remains on a website as it is evaluated predictively for value.”

D. Padmanabhan - “I tried a demo NN model and found it interesting. It will be interesting if the models can be shared among different users. I would also like to see additional outputs such as prediction errors or maybe even error charts.”

You can see my comments and Mike Zeller (CEO of Zementis that developed this iGoogle tool) response at: The New ADAPA iGoogle gadget: Google Predictive Analytics

The competition between Microsoft and Google in the area of analytics is unfolding. See, The Future of Business Analytics: Microsoft vs. Google. Microsoft SQL 2005 Server Analysis Services and the Excel 2007 add-in offer a proprietary model with the advantages that people are used to Microsoft products. The Google gadget for predictive analytics offers a new model of Software-as-a-Service, which could decrease the cost of predictive modeling in a company. See, Software as a Service overview; and Delivering Software as a Service.

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