Thursday, May 22, 2008

Business Analytics: Unleashing the Power from Within

Every person has the inherent ability to interpret the world around them in a physical and in an intuitive manner. This ability of the human mind to deduce facts and patterns based on both external and internal conditions is one of the main characteristics that separate us from other species. Business analytics have evolved to give every member of a company the ability to interpret known metrics like revenue and income, as well as internal evidence-based multidimensional analysis (like the predict probability for an event to occur) which clarifies the drivers in the data.

In my experience, executives understand the concept that people are the most important asset within an organization. Also, they understand the importance of business analytics to maintain a competitive advantage. Business analytics is an enterprise continuous improvement system that allows every person within an organization to detect patterns in the data that allow for incremental improvements on a regular basis. Companies are like large ships, they are difficult to turn around. The advantage of business analytics is that it allows for regular and incremental changes in a business that allows for change to take place.

Allowing every employee the ability to suggest incremental changes, based on business analytics, which will improve their own performance, is kaizen analytics. Kaizen analytics assumes that employees are the most important asset in an organization. Therefore, analytics and improvement should permeate through out the entire company.

In the last few years some of the best minds in software companies have developed the technology and science to put business analytics at the fingertip of every employee: from the entry-level to the executive suite. Companies have the capacity to unleash the power from within each employee by deploying business analytics. The implementation of business analytics allows companies to separate the cluster of data and clarify the driving factors.

Some companies already have the internal capacity to deploy business analytics, but lack the skills to implement a business analytics system. For example, companies that already have Microsoft SQL 2005 Server and Excel 2007 are in a position to quickly turn around a business analytics system. If you want to unleash the power from within your company contact me at Hewlett-Packard:

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Business Analytics

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