Monday, May 12, 2008

The Future of Business Analytics: Microsoft vs. Google

The battle over dominance of the Internet will be fought in the realm of business analytics. Microsoft and Google understand this and are investing in making their products the flagship of analytics. The reason is that analytics, like the Internet, have the potential to unleash the creative power of billions of minds.

Microsoft is depending on the combination of Excel and Analysis Services. In the business world people are used to Excel as a way explore trends. Adding the capabilities of Analysis Services allow individuals to gain insight into analytics in an incrementing manner. This is Microsoft version of kaizen analytics. Donald Farmer explains Microsoft’s vision in a recent article, Microsoft Sets Sights on Data Mining Dominance.

Google Analytics is been offered as a free software to wean people out of their Excel dependency. Google understand that Microsoft’s monopoly in Excel needs to be counteracted with a free and robust alternative. In the next few months Google will move into different industries using Google Analytics to unleash the power of the mind of billions of people. This is Google version of kaizen analytics. The users of Google product are associating the word “analytics” with Google Analytics.

Interestingly, both Google and Microsoft products have the capacity to separate or partition the data into categories or clusters. The next incremental step would be to add an automated vector analysis to clarify the driving factors in the data. I expect the competition to be head-to-head in the healthcare and Life Sciences industry in the next 12 months.

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