Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Financial Services Business Analytics: Evidence-Based Model

This diagram is a representation of an universal evidence-based business analytics model for the financial services industry. This model takes into account data from customers, investments, deposits, and compliance issues. It is flexible so it can adapt to any situation. It is important to notice that predictive modeling and data mining is done in a separate server than the enterprise data warehouse (EDW), otherwise it would slow the EDW to a crawl. On the other hand, this model complements business intelligence reports. This models uses regression analysis, vector analysis, and clustering (partition) analysis. It takes into consideration that data is three-dimensional (3D). It is flexible enough to add association rules and time-series analysis. The front end incorporates depth-analysis in order to leverage human-computer interaction (HCI) at the enterprise-level (i.e., anybody within the enterprise should be able to use it. It should take three months to deploy this model. If you want assistance implementing this model please contact me at Hewlett-Packard: alberto.roldan@hp.com

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