Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Visualization Projects for Data Mining

These are the current projects for the visualization group at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. One of the members of the Business Analytics Group expressed interest in the latest developments in network traffic analysis and cybersecurity (see,
I would suggest to spend 1-2 minutes for each project and just look at the visualizations and determine if this is something that can be apply to an organization as part of your business analytics and predictive modeling. The visualization technology is available right now. The question is whether the business is in a position to accept these concepts as a way to look at large datasets. We know that there is not even a probability that a spreadsheet can capture the complexity of large datasets. You may want to start with proposing a simpler visualization like SAS, SPSS and Cognos, Business Objects, or Microsofot Analysis Services and Excel 2007. The key for these visualization tools is to train the business users in using these tools. My approach is to teach first executive management and find what tools they find more useful. The purpose of these visualization tools is to let the human brain look at the totality of the data and start discovering new trends and patterns.

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