Saturday, March 29, 2008

Family Study Associates Pesticide Use With Parkinson's Risk

This article shows the type of pattern that made me go into data mining. My father was a pure scientist (chemistry and mathematics) that dealt with pesticides in his research. Th entire laboratory staff (scientists and lab workers) all died of Parkinson's disease. The only thing that these people had in common was working with pesticides. These were very careful people that took extraordinary precautions in dealings with pesticides because they were aware of the harmful effects (even at the cellular level over a long period of time) of pesticides. My goal is to create a data mining visualization and predictive tool that can be used for as many people as possible to detect this type of patterns. Hopefully, when you have many people (experts as well as common people) looking at data patterns we are able to solve some of the serious problems that we are faced as a society.

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