Sunday, December 26, 2010

Robotic Surgery and Business Analytics

Robotic Surgey and Business Analytics
by Alberto Roldan
Copyright 2010 Alberto Roldan

Imagine a future where we can use the techniques, technologies, and methodologies of robotic surgery in business analytics.  For example:
  1. What if we can "see", diagnosed, and repair the health of a business using 3D visualizations, predictive algorithms, and statistical control processes?
  2. What if we could in detail the good parts of our business and compared it with the diseased or needed repair part of our business real-time?
  3. What if we can monitor the different components of the health of a company (i.e., financial, operational, marketing, CRM, and social media) in real time while we are making strategic and tactical decisions.
The surgical outcomes of robotic surgery is less pain and faster recovery.  We trust a complex organism as the human body to robotic surgery.  What is preventing us to use the same science, technology, and matehmatical methods in business analytics?  I believe that we are living in the future, because the future is now.

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