Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Microsoft BI Conference

Business Analytics Group Members,
I will be present at the Microsoft BI Conference in Oct 6-8 in Seattle, Washington, representing HP at our booth answering questions about BI design using SSAS in the the financial, marketing, internet, healthcare, CPG, life sciences, and retail industries. Also, I will be covering how to use advanced analytics for: improving view of the data by 40%; fraud detection; and improving server performance in large databases. If you are attending the conference let me know so we can meet.

I have met some of you, but most of the members of the group I have never meet in person. This is a great opportunity to meet, exchange opinions, and probably get some souvenir from HP. In the best case scenario you can claim that you saved thousand of dollars by consulting with me for free. In the worst case scenario you can claim that you "stumped the chump" (i.e., me) with your questions and knowledge.

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