Monday, July 23, 2007

New processors present problems, payoff

The new challenge and opportunity in designing microprocessors is presented in this article. A new operating systems will be needed to optimized the utilization of these microprocessors. In my opinion the combination of data mining technologies that allow "automatic data mining (or predictive modeling) factories", intelligent agents, and parallel computing are going to be the fundamental blocks in addressing this challenge. Those technologies combined with gaming, simulation and other visualization technologies will be part of ingredients needed for this leap into the future.

Conceptually I think that it will be like this:
  1. Data mining technologies will provide the fundamentals of pattern and error detection. Due to the complexity and diversity of the rich data environment that we currently face we will need the ability to have part of this technology embedded into any program, and we will probably need multiple and different data mining models analyzing data simultaneously so as to customize the needs of the end users;
  2. Intelligent mobile agent technologies would be fundamental to access and process data from servers, mainframes, and handheld devices like cellphones;
  3. Web based technologies will be fundamental in solving finding patterns and in improving remote communications;
  4. Parallel computing technologies will be needed to optimize the processing of large quantities of data; and
  5. Visualization technologies that make complex patterns easily understood, while simulateously adhering to establish laws of nature (i.e., medicine, or physics), or previous experience (business rules) would also be a keystone in this endevour.

Our biggest challenge is going to be to reach out acrross multiple disciplines and technologies to integrate all these technologies into a great schema. In this sense we are all pioneers. We bring different skills set that we combined will mark the path for others to follow. It will not be easy, but it will be worthwhile!

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