Monday, April 23, 2007

Studies back Parkinson’s and pesticides link

This article touched a very personal issue that explains why I have invested the last seven years of my professional life to perfect data mining in healthcare and in the biotech industry. My father was a pure research scientist in the area of pesticides research for the last 10+ years of his professional career. About 5 years ago he died of Parkinson's disease. As I tried to understand his disease I discovered that all the scientists and lab workers that worked for him in the Pesticides Laboratories died of Parkinson's disease too! I decided that my experience in data mining, mathematics, business and law could be use to help create a health care data mining model that could have multiple uses: from finding hidden patterns for outcomes research, or molecular biology research, or healthcare insurance claims.

So friends and collegues that is my goal: to create and make sure that as many people as possible have access to a healthcare data mining model that have multiple uses. I thought that if I created this tool, I could assist scientist and companies find sometime of relief for some terrible diseases. Eighteen months after dad died, my mother died of ALS. Now you know what drives me.

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