Thursday, January 20, 2011

Be Part of the Future and Not the Past

This article about a 14 year old that designed the most popular free app for iTunes, Bubble Ball, a "physics puzzle game" for Apple devices is an example of how companies should tune to the younger generation to thrive in this rapidly changing market conditions.  In my predictions for 2011 I emphasized the need for companies to listen to the 9-30 year old poluplation:

"Finally, my last prediction: in order to flourish and quickly adapt to changes in these rapidly changing economic times, we need to carefully listen to those that are our future. The examples from Siemens Competition (speech recognition technology), Gap (social media), and visualizations (web-based games) are common technologies used by the 9-to-30-year-old population. One of my main roles as an innovator is to listen to those voices and use my experience to provide guidance in implementing those new technologies and methodologies for businesses. A warning and advice to companies: listen carefully to those that represent our future. The future belongs to them, and our job is to provide guidance based on our experience."

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