Thursday, November 18, 2010

Business Analytics: Thoughts that guide my journey as an applied mathematician

-It never ceases to amaze me the insights of the incredible intelligent and hard working individuals that I work and associate with. Life is a journey of never ending acquisition of knowledge and the greatest source of that knowledge is always around us.
-When I take the time to consciously hear, see, and feel what others are trying to teach me the learning curve gets substantially reduced.
-I prefer working with a group of people who work hard to achieve a common objective.
-Awareness of my own knowledge limitations makes me a better learner.
-The depth and width of a specific insight has no relationship with the physical characteristics of the individual presenting the insight.
-Younger minds do contribute as much to insights as more mature intellects.
-Passion sometimes is the only differentiator.
-Mathematics is a precise science, do not mess around it.
-Results are just results. Interpret them, change the methodology, or discard them, but never make them up.
-I would rather be respected for my integrity than accepted because my lack thereof.
-Just because something has always been done a certain way that does not mean that there is not a better or different way.
-People would rather live with a problem that they understand than with a solution that they do not.
-A simple solution sometimes is the best solution.
-I will get up every time that I fall down.
-Falling hurts, but not getting up will end up hurting more.
-Ignore those that tell you that it cannot be done.
-If you cannot the same results is because you did not follow the same process.
-If you are successful some people are going to say that the results were obvious and the work easy. At that time, remember to smile and say something nice about them. Some people are just negative by nature.
-Fear is an emotion that needs to be tempered at all times. It is like salt: too little and the food is bland, too much and it ruins a meal.
-My ratio is about 20:1. For every 20 things that I have tried only one is successful. I improve my ratio by not repeating the same mistakes more than once.
-My job in life is to inspire and build up those around me. I have found that honesty is the only rule, humor keeps us human, joy is a choice, and there is beauty all around.


Anonymous said...

good advise!
(from one of your facebook friends)

richard Mao said...

It's really inspiring ! Love it and sent to many friends .

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